Profitable investing in a fleet of ships ms Venere


The Nederlandse Beleggingsmaatschappij in Zeeschepen is the first dedicated shipping investment fund. It is unique in the world. You invest in NBZ and we finance herewith several ships, which operate in different markets. The proceeds thereof are paid out to NBZ. In turn, we pay this profit to our shareholders.

Every quarter, dividend is paid out to our shareholders. The projected net return is between 7% and 10% per year.


Investing in seagoing vessels
demands personal attention 

Private Placement Memorandum

Specially for those investors who are not familiar with the Dutch language, we wrote a short introduction to the business of the Nederlandse Beleggingsmaatschappij voor Zeeschepen BV (NBZ). Download the memorandum here.

Beat the AEX with NBZ
Share price NBZ still stands higher than stock exchange
Profitable investing
NBZ offers stable quarterly dividend payments
Diversifying risks,
reliable profit

Diversifying risks through investment in various markets

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